Alpha Group Named Global Master Toy Partner for ‘Subway Surfers’

Alpha Group is excited to announce it will be working with SYBO Games as Global Master Toy Partner.

The deal will see Alpha Group to manufacture and market products across multiple categories, including: action figures, vehicles, R/C toys, plush, electronic toys, smart toys and games, role-play, dress-up and accessories, consumer electronics, novelties, activities and seasonal items.

“Recently, Alpha Group has become rather known for going after pop culture — something that used to be a niche — and bringing it to the masses. We really like what they’ve done with SpongeBob SquarePants,” Naz Amarchi-Cuevas says. “For Subway Surfers, the most important pieces will be anything with an element of ‘the reveal’ — anything that’s shareable. The fans will want to share, becoming ambassadors from the brand. Collectibility is key, with figurines and vehicles, as well as elements of street art and music involved.”

“The vision SYBO Games has for Subway Surfers beyond the phenomenal success of the game is incredibly exciting” adds Brehan Maul, general manager North America and head of marketing for Alpha Group. “As the master global toy partner, we’re excited to do our part and deliver a wide array of inspired consumer products that express the authentic street-smart, edgy youth culture, skate, music and dance influence the ​property’s loyal fans demand.”

The first SUB SURF Alpha Group products are expected to hit shelves next year.