Rose Cinderella

“Pumpkin Seeds!” Rose Cinderella, from the popular TV show Regal Academy is ready to learn magic with her fairytale friends. The granddaughter of Cinderella, Rose has beautiful shoes to fill at the her new school since her grandmother is Head Mistress! With Rose dressed in her signature shoe-inspired top and skirt with backpack accessory, you can recreate stories from the show or make up your own in the fantastical world of Regal Academy!

  • Rose Cinderella doll is dressed in her real world outfit before she enters the magical school Regal Academy.
  • 10.5″” Articulated doll makes it easy to pose Rose and create your own Regal Academy stories and missions.
  • Extra-long hair for endless styling fun.
  • Includes Fashion Bag accessory.
  • Doll cannot self stand

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