Two children playing with Chuggington Safari Park Track Set

Getting your kids to be creative and develop their problem-solving abilities is critical during the early stages of their life. You need to set them up for success when they’re young, so they have a longer time to develop necessary life skills. This doesn’t always have to take an academic approach; it can be as simple as playing with toys. Know some benefits of assembling toy train tracks with your child to help their personal growth. 

Improves Their Creativity and Imagination

Starting with a blank canvas and a pile of train tracks to set and connect leaves the door open for a multitude of possibilities. When starting, the amount of freedom your child has may overwhelm them, and they’ll probably stick with simpler designs.

But once they grow more comfortable with building tracks, they’ll want to experiment with new and more complex railways. It’s important to encourage them to try out new things when they master the basics; allow them time to find their footing before pushing them to go further.

Problem Solving Opportunities

Laying tracks and finding ways to connect the rails is no small feat; it takes thought and patience to make sure everything fits together properly. The process you and your child need to go through allows them to try and find ways to make their designs work.

When a train can’t pass through a stretch of rail, it’s obvious, and your child will have to find out why it didn’t work and how they can alter it. It becomes a game to try and find the best way to lay and fix tracks, making your child forget the work it takes to improve their designs and giving them a great feeling once they solve the problem.

Develops Communication Skills

Constructing a rail line doesn’t just mean coming up with ideas and building them; it can also require you to communicate those ideas. One of the most significant benefits of assembling train tracks with your child is that it allows them to try and convey their ideas to you.

By bouncing their thoughts off you and giving them experience explaining themselves, you help them develop one of life’s essential skills. Knowing how to communicate your thoughts and advocate for yourself is critical and letting them build and explain their designs gives them that opportunity for growth.

Start Small Before Growing

Laying down toy train tracks can be overwhelming for younger kids, making it important to start smaller, typically with Chuggington toys. Let them develop their basic skills first before moving on to more complex sets and intricate designs. Starting with something too complex too early may discourage them from trying. Give them the tools to experiment and allow them to develop some foundational life skills.