Boy and Girl stretching SpongeBob toy

The time we spend with our family is precious, especially as siblings. Unfortunately, bickering and distance can grow due to comfort and lack of space. It isn’t until many siblings become adults that they can coexist and build a relationship.

As parents, what can we do when we want to stay ahead of that trend and encourage our young children to build strong relationships with their brothers or sisters? Here are three play activities to strengthen the bond between siblings.

Build Something Together

Set up a station somewhere safe in the home where you can create enough space for the children to gather and connect over a common interest. While one may thoroughly enjoy playing with a set of building bricks and one would rather play with dolls, getting them to work together can improve their communication skills with one another and further encourage their ability to coexist.

Enjoy a Show Together

One of the easiest activities to strengthen the bond between siblings is setting them down to enjoy a television show together like SpongeBob SquarePants. This can be the root of many other adventures together. When they laugh and joke about things they saw in the show, they will always remember what it’s like to get along.

Additionally, adding SpongeBob SquarePants toys to their collection can create interactions with characters during playtime. This is an excellent way to encourage less screen time while still letting them enjoy their favorite show together.

Pretend Play With Roleplay

If your children are not old enough to be hands-on in the kitchen with you, or you aren’t comfortable in that setting, consider getting them pretend play sets that are interactive and mimic real-life skills. These kinds of toys are larger and more hands-on than a singular item, and because of that, siblings can work together to create the scene.

Things like pretend-play kitchens and roleplay games that involve teacher and student characters encourage bonding through authoritarian situations and teamwork. Pretend play is an excellent solution for families with three or more children or kids with age gaps of five years or more.