The sun’s out, the temperatures are heating up, and kid’s classes are out... you know what that means – summer has arrived, and kids are itching to go outside and play (and parents are eager for them to burn off some of that energy!). While the Covid-19 vaccine has helped Americans regain some sense of a “normal” summer in 2021, many families have exchanged vacations away from home to getaways in their own backyards – and that means parents are looking for outdoor toys and activities to keep kids entertained. Here at Alpha, we think R/C vehicles are the perfect way to engage kids’ minds while combining fast paced action with the great outdoors – here are a few of our favorite picks for Summer 2021:

Best Outdoor RC:


Spin, drift, and slide -- the Terratrax Drift Cycle RC can do it all! Thanks to its high traction treds and continuous drift system, Terratrax brings never-before-seen off-roading action into the palms of your kids’ hands! The Terratrax Drift cycle features LED lights for a futuristic flair – but its easy-to-use controller doesn’t need any high tech know how to understand.

Why We Love It: You won’t have to worry how rocky the sidewalk is... or even if you have a sidewalk to play on at all! Terratrax can drive across packed dirt and gravely terrain with ease, meaning the fun goes where you and your kids go. The cycle spins and turns on a dime, making it a unique and highly maneuverable option for outdoor fun!

Helpful Tips: The Terratrax Drift Cycle itself is rechargeable, but the remote requires 3*AA batteries, so remember to have both the batteries and the charger before you head out to take this mean machine for a spin!

Where to buy: $32.99 at Amazon

Best R/C Helicopter:


Description: The Sky Rover KnightForce RC helicopter is an entry-level R/C helicopter ready to take flight with its 3-channel remote control, gyro-stabilized flight, and turbo-boosted speed capabilities.

Why We Love It: The KnightForce is a powerful little helicopter with an easy-to-use controller that makes it easy for kids to pilot around the backyard.

Helpful Tips: No need to fear crash landings – The great way to avoid crashing outdoors is to only fly outdoors when there is NO wind. Any gusts of wind could possibly blow the KnightForce off-course and into a perilous situation. Sky Rover KnightForce includes replacement rotary blades and connectors so the helicopter can weather the play time from kids.

Where to buy: $19.97 at Walmart

Best R/C For Kids and their Parents:

Sky Rover King

Description: The Sky Rover King is perfect for outdoor summertime fun! This extra-large, 15.7 inch helicopter comes with turbo speed boosters, an auto hovering function, and a high-efficiency gyro stabilized engine to give pilots of all ages the ultimate flying experience. With a 2.4GHz long-distance controller, you can really watch the King take to the skies.

Why We Love It: Sometimes even parents want to play, and the Sky Rover King is just grown-up enough to let adults get in on the fun too! Its impressive size coupled with its cool LED headlight makes the King a cool sight to behold in the backyard. And don’t worry if you’re not an expert pilot on the first go – its one touch take-off and landing feature will help an excited kid, or a clumsy parent, bring the helicopter in for a smooth landing!

Helpful Tips: Most RC helicopters need a lot of juice to get in the air, so 6-7 minutes of continuous flight time is industry standard. Keep the cable handy, and a quick charge will have the Sky Rover King back in the air in no time!

Where to buy: $39.99 at Target or Walmart

Best Indoor R/C:


Description: Roll, flip, and attack! Experience truly innovative radio control action with the Terrasect. With a green, insect-like design and glowing, red eyes, the Terrasect strikes fear into the hearts of its prey. The Terrasect's relentless rolling attack will give drivers of all skill levels hours of play.

Why We Love It: When you think of summer you think of sunshine and outdoor fun, but sometimes the weather doesn’t always play along. When kids are stuck indoors, the fun doesn’t have to stop – the Terrasect Transforming RC rolls and flips across any indoor surface, though it works perfectly well outdoors too. Rev up this cool critter and hit the transform button to watch it transform into a ball and keep rolling forward!

Helpful Tips: No tip-overs for the Terrasect – this RC features a “flip over” button that will right the vehicle in case it ends up on its back. No need to walk over and right it by hand.

Where to buy: $29.99 on Amazon

Best R/C For Preschoolers:

Remote Control Jett

Description: Jett from the hit preschool show Super Wings arrives in RC vehicle form! Big buttons made for little hands let your preschooler Jett around, as they embark on new Super Wings rescue missions! Jett features a 360-degree spin, lights, and sounds that activate at the touch of a button.

Why We Love It: So many RCs are made for older kids and are too complicated or have controllers too difficult for younger kids to play with. Little ones don’t get left out of the fun with the Super Wings Jett RC at their side! The buttons are big, making them easy to understand, find, and push for non-stop Super Wings fun!

Helpful Tips: Don’t forget to put batteries in both Jett and the remote control – the toy will need 5 AAA batteries total.

Price: $15.43 on Amazon