Child playing with Super Wings Transforming ToysModeled after the popular television series, Super Wings transforming toys offer parents and children new ways to learn and play. Children can further develop play motor skills at age three and help Jett complete missions abroad. Let’s look at some of the unique features Super Wings offers!

Different Sizes for Different Hands

There are a variety of sizes available, though the age range does not change. You can start small with a two-inch figure, or you can go a little larger and select the seven-inch figures. The bigger the character, the more interactive they get with additions like light and sound. The recommended age for every transforming toy is 36 months and beyond.

Improve Motor Skills

With the intricate construction of the transforming character, your child can improve their fine play motor skills and develop better grasping reflexes. A two-inch Jett toy transforms from a vehicle to a bot in just three easy steps. Another unique feature of Super Wings toys is that as each figure grows, their transformation steps increase.


The transformational nature of each toy makes them educational to all age-appropriate children who play with them. The education starts at three years old with problem-solving skills and expands to up to five years old with learning to communicate and share with friends. With how mobile each toy is, learning never stops at home, in the car, or at daycare.

Two for One Transformation

A unique feature of Super Wings toys is their transformational abilities. Each character starts as their bot-figure, and to complete a mission or a task, they must transform into their vehicle figure. How they get from one to the other is where the child’s motor skills come into play.

Gender Neutral

Super Wings transforming toys make for excellent playtime, regardless of gender. There are both female and male characters available. The basis of the toy is conversational and simple, so your little one can enjoy the character that appeals to them the most. If they are fans of the television series, they know that boys and girls all around the globe interact with the Super Wings.