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Before you know it, your baby turns into a toddler, and now the race is on to find ways to entertain them. They are hyper-curious about the world around them and learning at warp speed, so introducing activities and toys to help occupy them can keep them busy and aid in their development.

Let’s look at a list of toys that can keep your toddler busy and hungry to learn!

Benefits of Open-Ended Toys

Many toys on the market offer only one use.  Once they achieve this result, they feel like the toy is complete. By introducing open-ended toys, you can extend the lifespan of the activity, and your child’s imagination can blossom through finding new ways to play.

When there isn’t a final position to achieve, your toddler can stay busy while playing and strengthening developmental skills like creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. Now, let’s look at some excellent options.

Busy Boards

Busy boards come in all shapes and sizes. You can tailor these toward your child’s individual needs. There are wood boards with locks, zips, and latches. Or you can look for felt options where they can attach shapes and objects to the board and create pictures and scenes. Another excellent thing to look for is shifting gears. These enable children to understand more about physics.

Building Blocks

A classic toy that does not age is a set of building blocks. There are many to choose from, but the possibilities in each set are limitless. Children can spend hours creating one large structure or 20 minutes creating small figures. Either way, a set of quality building blocks effectively occupies a child’s time.

Pretend Play Activity Centers

Pretend play activity centers enable children to perform life-like adult activities with objects in their dimensions. This is one of the best ways for toddlers to spend time and learn how things work later in life. Consider toys like play kitchens, dollhouses, toddler-sized yard tools, and water tables. They can acquire new skills, increase social development, connect with objects, and expand their imagination.

Hopefully, with this list of toys that can keep your toddler busy, you have a few ideas of ways to encourage independent play or socializing. When it’s time to order toys online, reach out to Auldey Toys to find the perfect open-ended options for your little one.