Kids playing with Chuggington track set

Keeping your kids occupied when its cold outside is a little tricky, as going outside happens less and less and staying inside happens more and more. Here are various ways to keep them busy and maintain the fun.

Building a Toy Structure

A quality set of building blocks is an essential toy for many kids. Set your kids up for the challenge of building an entire structure or pretend city and see what they create. This is an excellent way to promote imagination and problem-solving skills.

A great feature of a large structure is that your kids can add other toys they love to it. This promotes enhanced creativity through pretend play. You can order toys online if they need additional blocks and you don't feel like going out in wintery conditions.

Encourage Creative Thinking

One of the most fun ways to keep kids busy during the winter is encouraging their use of creativity and imagination. Using a Chuggington Toy Train set from Auldey Toys North America allows children the opportunity to use their imagination and create interactive play scenarios. The set also can expand and allow for movement and socialization among siblings.

Creating a Pillow Fort

A really fun way to keep kids busy during the winter for several hours is to have them create a pillow fort. Of course, you'll have to be okay with them scrounging up all the couch cushions and blankets, but the result will be harmless and easy fun.

The benefit of this is that all materials are washable in the event of an accident. Feel free to employ their help during the cleanup phase as well. This will teach them some responsibility.

Having an Indoor Picnic

If your kids aren’t big fans of snow and cold weather, an indoor picnic is a memory that can last a lifetime. A meal at the dining room table is customary and doesn't have much pizazz.

However, setting up a throw-down blanket and fun utensils is a unique twist to serving lunch. You could also consider having a brunch picnic to switch up the foods you eat together.

Doing Crafts

Sometimes, kids need a calm activity after more running around. If they're taking a break from their blocks or snow, then you can put out a few crafts that they can enjoy at the table. Making friendship bracelets, doing bead crafts, and painting are great. They’re all calming yet creative activities.