Chuggington Train Track Set

When your child gets the opportunity to open their brand new Chuggington train set, they are so full of excitement. A critical aspect they must understand is the time and patience required to build the set and put it to use with their trains and cabooses. Your child will always have fun driving their wheeled friends around the house, but encouraging them to use the tracks can help them progress developmentally.

As a caregiver, helping your child get everything set up can encourage bonding and promote independent playtime. Here, we help you understand how to build Chuggington train tracks to support your child’s hobbies and get them on their way to growing and learning!

Getting Started

Before you turn your child loose, you’ll want to take all the track pieces out of the box and remove any plastic wrap. Sort the pieces and pull any choking hazards to the side. This makes it easier to let your child help without additional worries about their safety. Once you build the track, the pieces and parts will not come loose from the set, allowing your child to play freely.

When you start making connections between the pieces, ensure they are secure to one another and there are no significant gaps or uneven ridges. The trains will move easier along the track when the connections are seamless and even.

Now that you know the basics of how to build these sets, we can explore the sets that kids love today!

All Aboard Starter Set

The All Aboard Starter Set presents a unique adventure for children ages three and up. The set does contain small parts and potential choking hazards, so it is not suitable for children below three, and caregiver supervision is suggested to ensure overall safety.

The complete starter set includes:

  • One Depot building
  • One safety gate
  • One Wilson TAG (touch and go) engine
  • 16 track pieces
  • Four connectors
  • Two brackets

The connectors enable builders to combine multiple track sets to create larger tracks, towns, and structures. Additionally, most building pieces are compatible with various other Chuggington train builds. The Wilson TAG engine requires a pair of AAA batteries, not included in the set.

The Depot is a significant part of the Chuggington world, allowing builders and mini conductors to bring the town to life while they watch Wilson and his friends toot around. The tracks build a figure eight, complete with two crossing grates that move up and down.

Safari Park Track Set

The next great adventure for your mini conductors to enjoy is Chuggington’s Safari Park. This track set is also for conductors three years of age and older and may contain potential choking hazards and hard-to-handle pieces. Caregiver support during the build is recommended.

Safari Park is the wildest place in all of Chuggington, and children can bring the safari adventures to life in their favorite play space. This set includes the ever-popular safari tour guide, Mtambo; he also requires two AAA batteries, which are not included in the set. In addition to one Mtambo TAG (touch and go) train, the set also includes:

  • 18 track pieces
  • Five brackets
  • Four connectors
  • One trailer
  • Three safari animal figures: a monkey, an elephant, and a lion
  • Iconic Safari Park entrance gates
  • Chugger elevator with motion
  • Two trees
  • Stickers

A unique aspect of Chuggington’s Safari Park is loading Mtambo onto the moving chugger elevator and watching him glide along the tracks as the gates open. By simply tapping on Mtambo’s roof, he will begin his adventure. He is complete with TAG (touch and go) features; to bring him to a complete stop, give him another tap on the roof. These touch-and-go aspects enable mini conductors to stop the ride at each animal access point around the track, giving them a real-life safari feel.

To enable the park’s gates, builders and mini conductors will use the same touch-and-go technology. This will help Mtambo cross through the gates and travel around the park. The monkey can glide along the zip line and stumble across a sociable lion trackside.

Like the All Aboard Starter Set, Safari Park is compatible with other builds and track sets, allowing builders to create larger play spaces and bring more Chuggington adventure into their day-to-day fun.

Unique Places To Build the Tracks

Finding an ideal location in your home to build the sets is challenging for some. Many think the kitchen table is a suitable space—until dinner time arrives. But because your mini conductors will want to play and adventure with Wilson and his friends for days to come, finding a neutral location to build your Chuggington train tracks is best.

A few unique locations to set the All Aboard set include home libraries, driveways, playrooms, and play nooks in your kids’ bedrooms. Getting creative for the Safari Park set can bring this adventure to life. If you intend to use Safari Park without the addition of other sets, try building the park outdoors, on decks, in the yard, or on a jungle gym. This can give your kids the advantage of using outdoor elements to provide their Chuggington animals and trees with natural energy.

When it’s time to expand the single-track sets and build something more extensive, consider placing the structure in a low-traffic area to ensure pieces don’t come loose. Placing the set in a toy room with a door, on a covered patio, or on a child’s desk will keep the structure intact without risking potential choking incidents with other children.

Benefits of Toy Train Sets

There are various benefits of Chuggington toys and trains. Children are in complete control of their fine and gross motor skills beginning at age three, but the expansion of these skills continues well into toddlerhood.

Adding a train track set to their toy rotation is an excellent way to help your kids master these fine and gross motor skills and develop increased attention to language. Additionally, encouraging their friends to join in on the fun can create social connections, build bonds, and teach children about cause and effect.

How Do You Build Chuggington Train Tracks Infographic