Wise Block - Buildable Remote Control Police Car

Children love to play with blocks, but their first structures aren’t always the most stable or structurally sound. It’s essential for children to understand the concepts that building blocks subtly teach, whether it’s construction, weight distribution, or balance. Because of this importance to childhood development, you should be aware of three ways to get better at building with block toys to help your children advance and understand these concepts.

Give Them Building Challenges

When left to their own devices, children may get themselves stuck in a loop of building the same structures over and over again. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can stifle their creativity, and they’ll have trouble advancing beyond that.

That’s why it’s important for you to step in and offer up some changes. Whether it’s encouraging them to use a wider array of pieces or building new structure designs, you can give them little building challenges to further develop their skills as a builder.

Give Them More Blocks To Work With

Children often run out of blocks before they can complete their masterwork, limiting what they can do. Spend some time looking at how your child plays and try to notice whether they consistently run out of pieces before they finish their project.

Make sure their toys can keep up with their ambitions, and don’t be afraid to get them some more blocks to build with. Giving them a selection of Wise Block toys can help them go further than they could before, allowing them to naturally develop their ability.

Throw in Some Accessories

Aside from giving your children more blocks to work with, you can also give them some accessories to get them more immersed in their play. This can mean buying miniature street signs, small figures of people, or fake trees and bushes to set up.

This can really ignite a child’s imagination; it gives them the chance to pretend to build a living city. This kind of motivation can encourage them to experiment a little more and become more invested in what they build.

Set Your Child Up for Success

It can be hard to find ways to motivate your child to exceed their expectations, but it’s also necessary to do so. Know some ways to help them get better at building with blocks and let them discover new and interesting ways to play and develop.