Super Wings is the hit 3D animated preschool show about Jett, a speedy delivery plane who brings packages to children around the globe with the help of his friends, the Super Wings. In its fifth season, Super Wings continues its mission to introduce children to new cultures, show them fascinating places around the world, and teach them the value of teamwork – and along the way the Super Wings are joined by strong new friends and meet tricky new rivals.

In season 5, the Super Wings are getting Pet Powered! The playful pack of Super Pets have joined the World Airport Crew to give the Super Wings a hand in 40 new action-filled episodes. In each new adventure, Jett and crew summon the amazing abilities of the Super pets to solve problems and complete their missions.

Girl playing with Super Wings - Season 5 Super Pet 4-pack

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Like every member of the Super Wings, each Super Pet comes with their own unique talents and abilities – Jett pet can become a rocket booster for Jett, while Donnie pet can become supersized and transform into a wrecking ball or a steam roller! Even the new season 5 members of the Super Wings, Sunny and Leo, have their own specialized pets – Sunny, a singing and dancing superstar, is joined by a Super Pet who can transform into a mirror ball or a set of speakers! Leo is a high-tech, eco-friendly electrical car who can solve all sorts of problems with his multi-purpose pet who can transform into handy vehicles like a tow truck or an off-road vehicle!

Boy playing with Jett and Jett pet

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Boy playing with Sunny, Leo, and Goldenboy

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But new challenges also await the Super Wings and their new pet-sized pals. Super Wings Season 5 introduces Golden Boy, a mischievous rival plane who thinks he can outdo the Super Wings team all on his own. Whether it’s besting Jett in a race or having tricks to cause trouble for the Super Wings, Golden Boy is convinced his plans will put him on top – but does all the troublemaking really pay off in the end?

Girl playing with Sunny, Leo and Goldenboy

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Discover the answer, meet the Super Pets, and learn so much more in Season 5 of Super Wings!