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Children acquire an abundance of toys throughout the year and sometimes don’t enjoy all of them. When it’s time to downsize their collection, some of the easiest targets are unused toys because chances are they won’t miss them. Before taking those toys to your local thrift store for a profit, consider a few other options that could benefit other children.

Here’s an excellent list of where to donate your child’s unused toys!


Children visit the hospital for a variety of reasons, and making them comfortable is critical. When a facility provides toys and playthings, children can settle in a little easier and receive observation openly. Playing can relax children’s minds and offer continued support in their learning. If you live near a children’s hospital, consider donating unused toys there.


Most communities have shelters nearby that are always accepting donations. A sad reality is women’s shelters and night shelters see children. While most shelters focus on ensuring people have food and clothing, people don’t always think to donate toys. It may not change the situation for the child or their family, but it might give them something constructive to focus on during their time there.

Daycare Centers

Daycare centers see a large number of children year-round. Their equipment, supplies, and toys get worn down quickly. Buying new toys can weigh down the center’s already tight budget. Consider dropping off your unused Super Wings transforming toys to offer something educational and fun for the center’s varying age ranges.

Local Charity Groups

In the age of social media, charities of all kinds are available for many reasons. Typically, we see food and clothing as two top priorities. But children’s toys are a great option to donate to these local groups because they reach a wide variety of families in need. If you donate to a qualifying non-profit organization, you can use this as a tax deduction.

A Family You Know

Sometimes we know someone who is currently in need. House fires, accidents, and unforeseen circumstances can happen at random. When thinking about where to donate your child’s unused toys, an excellent option is starting with who you know or asking friends and family members if they know someone who could be in need.

It doesn’t matter where the toys end up, as long as you do what works best for your family. Decluttering your child’s play space can serve your home and someone else if you donate!