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When there’s an emergency in Chuggington, you can count on Pop and Transform Rescue Wilson to come to the rescue! With his cartloads of confidence and rescue gear, this Chugger is built to save the day. Got something blocking the tracks? With a touch, Wilson can transform to reveal a handy crane and hook to extract the problem! If there’s something that needs wrangling, Wilson’s included trailer springs open to reveal a net perfect for rescuing even the trickiest of situations – load up the net, aim, and fire away. In Chuggington, there are so many ways to save the day!

Pop and Transform Chuggers are 5-inch scale engines for free, push-around play! Pop and Transform Chuggers are not compatible with Chuggington track sets.

Pop and Transform Rescue Wilson includes Wilson and his transforming gear cart. For little conductors, ages 3 and up. Batteries not required.

Trainee Wilson to the Rescue! Pop open Wilson’s top to reveal a hook and a crane that can extend and rotate.

Cartloads of rescue gear for any situation: Wilson’s rescue trailer springs open to reveal a net – load it up and fire away!

Push and play anywhere! Pop and Transform Rescue Wilson is made for free play and does not use a track set.

  • Includes one 5” transforming Chuggington Wilson toy and one gear cart
  • For Chuggington fans ages 3 and up
  • Batteries not required
  • Collect all four Pop and Transform Chuggers: Wilson, Brewster, Koko, and Rescue Wilson

When you need to buy Chuggington toys, Alpha Toys has you covered!

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