Super Wings - 2" Transform-a-Bots 4 Pack: Supercharged Donnie, Supercharged Jett, Supercharged Astra, & Sunny

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Super Wings - we deliver!

Transform this Super Wings mini-figures from planes to robots in 8 easy steps. Transform-a-bots are perfect for reenacting favorite Super Wings missions from your favorite TV show and a great way to use your imagination and come up with your own missions too!

Super Wings Airplane toys are great for boys and girls of all ages. These transforming airplane robot toys and play sets make perfect birthday gifts for kids, especially 3-5 year olds who love to pretend play flying with a favorite type of plane toy to explore new places. Airplane toys will be sure to keep them happy playing as their imagination soars!

This Super Wings set features 4 fan-favorite characters in the 2” Transform-a-bot scale: Supercharged Donnie, Supercharged Jett, Supercharged Astra, & Sunny

  • Jett is positive, full of curiosity and never hesitates to try new things. He gets along with everyone at World Airport and he loves to travel and deliver packages to kids around the world.
  • When Donnie snaps into super charge mode, kids will know he’s arrived at the perfect engineering solution and is ready to spring into action!
  • Astra is a space shuttle who knows science and physics like Jett knows speed She’s always ready to bring her fast thinking to a problem.
  • Sunny is a bright and bubbly superstar on the hit preschool Super Wings show! With her dancing and singing talents, this new member of the Super Wings team brings shine and positivity to every Super Wings mission.
  • Recommended for ages 3+. No batteries required.

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