Super Wings - World Airport Playset, Includes 2" Transform-a-Bot Jett and Donnie Figures

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It's Fly Time! The iconic World Airport from the popular Super Wings TV show sets the stage for this ultimate playset for preschool boys and girls. Its large 35-inch scale delivers loads of fun, with electronic sounds and lights plus tons of activities for kids to recreate their favorite Super Wings scenes and missions. This set includes 2 mini-transforming characters Jett and Donnie that can attach to the fly-bar and spin to circle the World Airport before they come in for a landing. Load them into the elevator and lift them up to the control tower, then launch them down the ramp. Flip open the base compartments to reveal a rotating luggage carousel and a cargo scale. The World Airport Playset will deliver hours of fun to Super Wings fans. Requires 2 AAA batteries [included]. A toy that encourages kids to go beyond their imagination!

This 35'' set includes two mini 2" transforming figures, Jett and Donnie, which easily transform from robots to planes.

Kids can attach the figures to the fly-bar, spin them around in a circle, and release them to come in for a landing at the World Airport.

Place them into the elevator at the back of the playset, lift up to the control tower, and launch down the ramps on either side.

Electronic sounds & lights from the control tower.

The Super Wings World Airport won’t fly short of any expectations for a super fun playset—it will soar higher than any before.

Works with all 2-inch figures from Super Wings collection

Requires 2 AAA batteries [included].

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