Super Wings - 5" Transforming Characters Collector 4 Pack | Jett, Paul, Astra, & Donnie

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Super Wings - we deliver!

Build your collection of favorite transforming characters to carry out your very own Super Wings missions, so you can pretend you are in the TV show!

This is a special edition gift pack that features 4 characters from both Season 1 And 2, including Jett, Paul, Astra, and Donnie.

Each transforming character transforms from plane to Bot in just 10 easy steps! Call all your friends over to have a party with the flying vehicle.

Other 5" Transforming characters available to collect: Paul, Jerome, Donnie, flip, Mira, Grand Albert, Bello, poppa wheel, X-Ray Jett, X-Ray Dizzy, and X-ray Jerome (each sold separately).

This 5” transforming characters collector pack is made for Super Wings fans ages 3+.

No batteries required.

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