Super Wings - 5'' Transforming - Supercharged Crystal Toy Figure

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Now from S4 of the popular TV show, Crystal is a new supercharge. Crystal can fly through any kind of bad, wintery weather and when she is on the ground (well, snow or ice, usually). She is a skilled skier and a fabulous figure skater. Airplane toys are great for boys and girls of all ages. These transforming airplane robot toys and playsets make perfect birthday gifts for kids, especially 3-5 year olds who love to pretend play flying with a favorite type of plane toy to explore new places. Airplane toys will be sure to keep them happy playing as their imagination soars!

Crystal is the new Ski/Skate/Snow plane character introduced in the new Supercharged season of Super Wings

Crystal’s skills heat up when she is in this Supercharge mode. Her snow blades and snowmobile power her through snow and over ice at blazing speed.

5” Transforming action figure scale transforms from plane to robot in 10 steps

Real working wheels

Collect all 5 new “Supercharged” characters, including, Supercharged Jett, Supercharged Dizzy, Supercharged Paul, Supercharged Astra (each sold separately)

No batteries required.

This 5” Transforming Krystal is made for Super Wings fans ages 3+

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