Super Wings - 6" Deluxe Transforming Supercharged Mira, Light and Sound

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Watch as they master the transformation and reenact their favorite missions from the popular preschool TV show — including when Mira Dove deep into the bottom of the lake to find Callum's bagpipes in Scotland! Or when the giant octopus grabbed the submarine in the Maldives and Mira cleverly made a distraction to loosen its grip! — or allow children to create their own new rescue adventures with their imagination! Airplane toys are great for boys and girls of all ages. These transforming airplane robot toys and playsets make perfect birthday gifts for kids, especially 3-5 year olds who love to pretend play flying with a favorite type of plane toy to explore new places. Airplane toys will be sure to keep them happy playing as their imagination soars!

Time to make a splash! Even though she's an airplane, Mira likes water more than anything in the world on the hit preschool show “Super Wings”. she's at her absolute best when underwater and she's great at diving deep down under the sea.

Mira transforms from Toy airplane to robot in just 10 easy steps!

Collect all of your favorite Supercharged Super Wings team heroes for new adventures around the world!

6'' transforming Mira toy is made for preschool Super Wings fans ages 3+.

No Batteries Required.

As vehicles or robots, the team is always ready to transform and use teamwork on any mission to rescue, help, and teach kids that there is a solution for everything. Together with her other Super Wings friends, Mira is always ready to help new and old friends.

Collect the entire line of Super Wings team members (sold separately)! Choose from Jett, Dizzy, Donnie, Paul, Astra, Agent Chace, and many more -each transforming into a completely unique vehicle from plane to helicopter or truck. Super Wings, we deliver!

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