Super Wings - Transforming Paul

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Paul is a policeman with a strong sense of duty on the hit preschool Super Wings show. In fact, he’s so enthusiastic that he acts like a policeman even when there’s no policing to be done! Within the Super Wings team, he’s known as being quite playful and silly.

Paul transforms from toy police airplane to bot in just 10 easy steps!

Collect all of your favorite Super Wings team heroes for new adventures around the world! 23 to collect: Jett, Dizzy, Donnie, Paul, Astra, Mira, Agent Chace, Jerome, Flip, Todd, Bello, Grand Albert, X-ray Jett, X-ray Dizzy, and X-ray Jerome and more (each sold separately).

5” Transforming Paul is made for preschool Super Wings fans ages 3+.

No batteries required.

Jett is young, confident, and really fast! Join Jett and his loveable transforming friends, the Super Wings, as they travel the globe to deliver packages, solve problems and help boys and girls around the world on the hit preschool Super Wings show. Every delivery is a unique adventure filled with new cultures, languages and new friends!

Super Wings is a high-flying preschool series that takes geography to new heights!

Includes one 5” transforming Paul police figure toy.

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